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Maui County Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Trustworthy Divorce Representation in Hawaii

Even if you believe your divorce is inevitable and necessary, it can still be one of the most stressful events of your life. Dividing your joint assets and debts, determining custody arrangements, and finding financial and emotional security again is often a complex and daunting challenge.

If you are considering or facing divorce, engaging the help of a skilled advocate is an important first step toward protecting your legal rights and best interests. I am Kyle B. Coffman, Attorney at Law, a Maui County divorce and family law lawyer with nearly 24 years of experience.

Effective Solutions to Your Family's Needs

As an experienced family law attorney, I know how to help spouses balance their competing interests and begin moving forward after divorce. I will guide you through every legal issue that you face, inform you of your rights and take appropriate action to achieve results.

Both contested and uncontested divorces can comprise many other issues. I am experienced in these related facets of divorce, including:

Marital Debt Division and Asset Division

Dividing debts and assets is an important and often contested aspect of divorce. Because of Hawaii's equitable division laws and the need to distinguish marital property from nonmarital, this can also be one of the most complicated areas of family law.

As an experienced Hawaii property division attorney, I can help you to understand the law and to successfully navigate the process. I always seek to settle cases to the satisfaction of my clients with as little stress as possible. However, if the case goes to trial, I will aggressively uphold your rights in court.

Contact a Maui Lawyer for Division of Property Concerns

To arrange a free initial phone consultation with Kyle B. Coffman, Attorney at Law, call the Wailuku office toll free at 888-273-8313 or fill out the online contact form. The firm offers flexible hours and a convenient location within walking distance of the Wailuku Courthouse.

The law firm of Kyle B. Coffman, Attorney at Law, serves clients in Wailuku, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kahului, Makawao and throughout Maui County, Hawaii.